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Four Wheelin’ an Bikin’

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Impromptu trip down to my old stomping grounds of Crested Butte, CO was a great success. Checking my bank account before leaving revealed that I had more money problems than Xhibit. However, the feelings of apprehension at first were put to rest as soon as I got there. Seeing old friends and co-workers was more important than saving for the future.

There was clouds the whole time making for some great sunset photos.

We went off-roading towards the Devil’s Punchbowl which is a crazy dangerous ride where some deaths have occurred.

Devil's Punch Bowl photography Colorado

4 wheeling around Crested Butte

Cabin in crested butte photography

Abandoned Cabin

Blue stove in a cabin

Sweet old blue stove

cabin in crested butte

Gas leaks can actually be quite beautiful

back country grind rail in crested butte

A backcountry rainbow rail. Be fun to hit that in the winter.

Finally, I did what Crested Butte is famous for in the summer; Biking. Went down-hilling for several hours on Saturday and was getting scared senseless. A little because you are barely navigating a missile over rocks, jumps and through trees, but mostly because I had my camera and 2 lenses on my back. I even fell twice but my camera lives to tell another tale.

Mountain biking in Crested butte

Mountain biking in Crested butte jump

Downhill Mountain biking in Crested butte colorado

Portugal: The End

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Sardines and beaches. My time in Portugal is coming to a close and I am faced with another 24 hour trip back to Colorado. With my mental brain fart, all I can think to say has to do with the second season of a Game of Thrones. I am just going to say that I am thoroughly disappointed in the way the second season was done. I really believe that to be happy in life one needs to have low expectations, how can you be sad when something exceeds your expectations? How can you be happy when something falls short? Anyway, I know I am going to be disappointed when the third season comes out because the third book is the best in the series and one of the best books I’ve ever read. So the third season must equally be as cool, right? Or because I am expected to be disappointed by my high expectations I have just lowered mine. Then, by lowering them to meet the disappointment of my high expectations I have just raised them. Then… Here are some pictures.

Ye Olde Farm

By Travel
So for those of you who don’t know I am in Portugal with the family helping out and taking photographs

        There is an abandoned farm not too far down the road from where we are. It’s been abandoned since we discovered it a few years ago. It use to be an orange orchard. It still has the orange trees but nothing is up kept. Unfortunately, there isn’t an old cool farm house to explore and find creepy things but if you come at the right time of year there is infinite free oranges, lemons and even pomagranites. Now is not that time of year but still a fine walk once you pass the gauntlet of dogs. 

Anti-depressant ad?

Mmmm, free oranges. 

Portuguese well
An Old Portuguese well

This poor dog has obviously been abused. He wanted so bad
human attention but was scared. After he got some he had a
satisfying stretch.

Indigo Window
Traditional indigo blue trim. 


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So I am in Portugal. It happens. After a grueling 24-hour trip that involved 3 planes and a train I have arrived at my destination in southern Portugal. It has been a destination that I have been coming to for the past 16 years or so. I don’t even remember. On my mother’s side is very connected to Portugal. I have 2 aunts and several cousins who live here. It is host to friendly, character filled people and some of the best food and beautiful beaches in the world.

JFK airport. This is New York
 Walking around JFK waiting for my flight

Plane and fireworks
I left on the 4th of July. I bet those were really cool up close.

Selective coloring. JFK airport
Again just walking around the airport. 

aerial view of Spain
Coming down into Madrid

Aerial view of fields
Traveling businessmen
That bag must have been so full of ties and shoe polish

Architecture. Lisbon train station.
The train station in Lisbon

Architecture. Black and white building. Symmetric
My sister waiting for the train

Sunset over tracks

This has been fun. Keep a look out for some more photos coming your way. In the mean time you can check out my photography website.