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Last weekend I had the opportunity to scoot my way over to New York. This is my take on the weekend. It pretty much kicked me into high gear for the entire week. Being in Colorado for so long, one get lulled into a calm serenity. But I had to snap out of it and NY was the bitter medicine I needed to wake me up for December. This month is bananas. Between travel and work it is going to be go time for most the time.

New York, what a bitter sweet place. No one said NY was boring or that it has crap food. There wasn’t a second of down time and my taste buds were having such a party that they woke up in Tijuan missing a kidney. On the other side, big cities are not my thing. Especially, when my definition of a big city is Denver. Anyway, I was there, had a blast and managed to take some pictures between the crazy.

A composite image of a time lapsed sky and a still frame building.
New York cloud timelapse

A glitch in the Matrix
crooked lamp

Shooting from the hip

A wooly Nicole

Pier perspectives
Pier 34 new york

Classic NY taxi outside a diner
Old new york taxi

More classic cars

feet reflection


central park tunnel

60-year old man with a white beard, purple track pants and a long board. He is winning at life.

Skater I met on the Pier while taking a photowalk.
New York Skater

**These pictures were added later during another trip to NY**

I made another trip to New York while I was on my way to Philadelphia to surprise a friend for his birthday. I took the long way and stopped off in New York and had a photoshoot with the lovely Nicole and Marion. Nicole’s shoot took place in her apartment and shot casually in a relaxed environment.

Pretty girl on couch cross processed photography


Pretty girl on couch photography bright

Marion I met at a rooftop bar in Brooklyn. She was visiting from France and was absolutely gorgeous. It was golden hour and the wind was blowing hard so I brushed off my rusty French to ask her if she’d mind if I took a couple of pictures.

A little warm up.

Withe Brooklyn model photography rooftop bar

By Sasha Juliard