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Colorado has been experiencing some strange weather patterns lately. Most of it involves the absurd warmth for near December. I have taken out trusty ole Dotty (my MG) and saw others in their convertibles too.

However, Monday was a goose among hens. Buttressed by warm and clear skies came a day of freezing fog. There was no other way to really describe it. The clouds hung low and we were engulfed. Hovering around 20F the humidity from the cloud formed crystals on everything. It also created an awesome mood that complimented isolation and the dreary.

Lone tree in the mist

I wish I had made a video about what went behind these photographs. I think some people take photography for granted and one lamentation of photographers (besides the “you’re a great photographer, you must have a nice camera” line) is the misunderstanding about what goes behind a shot. I woke up that morning and saw the weather and knew that today was a day to photograph. I had been kicking around a new concept/post-processing technique in my head and this was the perfect day. A good hour was spent on concepts and scenes, half of which didn’t make the cut. A suit was the appropriate attire for the occasion, and because the rest of my time is spent running an online custom suit shop, I had a plenty supply of suits. I had a location in mind and drove half an hour out to it. That location was a good 2,000 feet higher than where I had started and I ended up ABOVE the clouds. Had to double back down to the second location. The next place had fire restrictions and I needed to light a few small fires. Finally, the third location came through a good 2 hours after I had left the house. Next was the walk/hike out to the a good spot. Taking all my gear, my change of cloths (full suit) and the chair. This is the back-end to photography. Next was changing into the suit in the freezing mist, setting up and taking the shots. After the mist photography shoot and everything was packed up, I returned home soggy, cold and 5 hours after I had left. What the crazy part is? If I check Google Analytics, I’ll be lucky if 5 people view this post. Being a photographer is more for the love of experience. Despite all that effort, I loved getting outside, feeling the numbing air on my cheeks and coming back home to tea and some picture editing.

Man in suit with burning newspaper concept

man in suit smoking

man in suit walking in mist

Now some of you might be saying “But Sasha, this looks different than your normal style.” True, it is a divergence from my regular style of photography. But it is important to be diverse and adaptable. There are people who are fond of this style of photography for their weddings. Not the desolate concepts but the editing technique. The faded out colors and clipped blacks.

If people show interesting as to how I post-processed these pictures, email me and I’ll write a post about it.

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