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I had the opportunity to take some save the date pictures for an upcoming wedding in Colorado. This is essentially the pre-pre-pre wedding photography, and I don’t know if you know this, but its a pretty big deal.

The requirements for the picture were to incorporate the motorcycle and give it a retro look. As it turns out, it the original concept wasn’t the final picture selected but something better came along.

Save the date motorcycle

Along the bottom we tried to tell a story. Each of these could stand alone in their own right but coming together they add interest and a fun story that works towards the overall feel of the card. Here are the pictures at the bottom of the card zoomed in. (Click to enlarge)

save the date motocycle

Click to enlarge

Speaking of feel. These are to be printed on textured 5×7 linen paper cards. This’ll give them an authentic, textured feel with matted colors. Going along with the retro look of the card, it is better to stay away from the glossy, ultra high contrast prints of today.

In any case, fun shoot with some fun people. Congratulations John and Halley!

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By Sasha Juliard