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So I am in Portugal. It happens. After a grueling 24-hour trip that involved 3 planes and a train I have arrived at my destination in southern Portugal. It has been a destination that I have been coming to for the past 16 years or so. I don’t even remember. On my mother’s side is very connected to Portugal. I have 2 aunts and several cousins who live here. It is host to friendly, character filled people and some of the best food and beautiful beaches in the world.

JFK airport. This is New York
 Walking around JFK waiting for my flight

Plane and fireworks
I left on the 4th of July. I bet those were really cool up close.

Selective coloring. JFK airport
Again just walking around the airport. 

aerial view of Spain
Coming down into Madrid

Aerial view of fields
Traveling businessmen
That bag must have been so full of ties and shoe polish

Architecture. Lisbon train station.
The train station in Lisbon

Architecture. Black and white building. Symmetric
My sister waiting for the train

Sunset over tracks

This has been fun. Keep a look out for some more photos coming your way. In the mean time you can check out my photography website.

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