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So for those of you who don’t know I am in Portugal with the family helping out and taking photographs

        There is an abandoned farm not too far down the road from where we are. It’s been abandoned since we discovered it a few years ago. It use to be an orange orchard. It still has the orange trees but nothing is up kept. Unfortunately, there isn’t an old cool farm house to explore and find creepy things but if you come at the right time of year there is infinite free oranges, lemons and even pomagranites. Now is not that time of year but still a fine walk once you pass the gauntlet of dogs. 

Anti-depressant ad?

Mmmm, free oranges. 

Portuguese well
An Old Portuguese well

This poor dog has obviously been abused. He wanted so bad
human attention but was scared. After he got some he had a
satisfying stretch.

Indigo Window
Traditional indigo blue trim. 
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