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Impromptu trip down to my old stomping grounds of Crested Butte, CO was a great success. Checking my bank account before leaving revealed that I had more money problems than Xhibit. However, the feelings of apprehension at first were put to rest as soon as I got there. Seeing old friends and co-workers was more important than saving for the future.

There was clouds the whole time making for some great sunset photos.

We went off-roading towards the Devil’s Punchbowl which is a crazy dangerous ride where some deaths have occurred.

Devil's Punch Bowl photography Colorado

4 wheeling around Crested Butte

Cabin in crested butte photography

Abandoned Cabin

Blue stove in a cabin

Sweet old blue stove

cabin in crested butte

Gas leaks can actually be quite beautiful

back country grind rail in crested butte

A backcountry rainbow rail. Be fun to hit that in the winter.

Finally, I did what Crested Butte is famous for in the summer; Biking. Went down-hilling for several hours on Saturday and was getting scared senseless. A little because you are barely navigating a missile over rocks, jumps and through trees, but mostly because I had my camera and 2 lenses on my back. I even fell twice but my camera lives to tell another tale.

Mountain biking in Crested butte

Mountain biking in Crested butte jump

Downhill Mountain biking in Crested butte colorado