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This is a real tragedy. But really a blessing. But really quite sad. I haven’t been since this confused since John Travolta’s car took off flying at the end of Greese with absolutely no explanation. What I mean is that the warm t-shirt weather is gone. Most importantly the cruising weather is gone. Here is a video that pays tribute to what might have been the last nice cruising day. This will be the hardest this to cope with.

[youtube link=””]

But right now it is amazing for autumn photography. The mountains are on fire with yellow aspens. More pictures will follow

Colorado Autumn aspens

And with the end of fall came the first snow in Evergreen, CO this morning. Change is a happening quickly.

snowy porch evergreen

This is a perfect time to do some engagement photography, so if you are getting hitched get in touch.

The silver lining for this is that ski season is nearly upon us. I am extremely excited this winter as I am planning on taking a bunch of ski pictures. My new Tokina 11-16mm lens will really come in handy getting some cool perspectives on some gnarly jumps and drops. I am itching to expand my sport photography portfolio. This winter I will also take on an ambition personal project of doing some skiing videography.

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