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Aspens changing in the fall

It has arrived! The fun and ultra-wide angle Tokina 11-16 mm f/2.8 has arrived.
What to do with this? Well I dont rightly know. I just knew I wanted it.
The lens has some pretty great qualities about it. The ultra wide makes for great indoor pictures. This will definitely be used during wedding photography and event photography. You can easily capture the whole room and see all the guests in one picture giving perspective to the turn out. All club managers want to see this for promotional pictures. The 2.8 means that it is killer for low light, again great for indoors and no flash events.
It’s definitely not a portrait lens. There is soo much distortion that even Natalie Portman would look like a werewolf mid transformation.

Right now Colorado is going through their autumn Aspen changes and it is magnificent. Here is just some fun I was having with the pups today. They don’t mind the face distortion, it just makes them cuter.

white husky

Aspens mount Evans

Aspens on road

White husky Colorado

Happy dog

Husky different color eyes