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The Beta Night Club in downtown Denver. I had the great opportunity to do some photography down there for D.j. Ricard’s new project The Groove Project.
I was especially excited to be at this venue as this is where a local photographer inspiration; Jordan Loyd of Jordan Loyd Photography started getting a lot of exposure. There is this one amazing picture that I really wanted to try and recreate. Unfortunately, they weren’t using the fog machines that night which was a requirement for the shot.

beta club main dance floor

Upstairs, The Groove Project was bumpin the good beats so I posted up and took some pictures.

dj ricard at cllub beta denver

DJ pad

beta denver beat port lounge

Beat Port Lounge beta club denver

I don’t know if Beta was running low on their electric fund but it was particularly challenging to catch an adequate amount of light. One should always prepare for terrible lighting conditions for photographing night club events. When photographing events in Colorado, I do not take my ISO above 2500. Higher than that and the noise reduction in Lightroom will completely kill your details. Now with those settings and the max f/2.8 on my Tokina I had to be creative with the shutter speed. Waiting for the lights to hit so I could snap anything higher than 1/15 sec. For somethings, that motion blur is great but you can’t make a habit of it.

beta night club denver

arno cost beta club denver

Back in the Beat Port Lounge the place was jumping. Literally:

beat port louge beta denver

beat port lounge dance

I am not sure what I like more: The joy everyone is having or the gold spandex?

girl at beta club

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