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Bucket lists… Some people have been making a stink about them recently on the internet. Something about not being defined by a list or just a knee-jerk reaction to go against something in the mainstream. But popular or not, I love the idea of a bucket list.

It doesn’t have to be ridged, it doesn’t have to define you but it IS a list of goals. Having a list of goals in one place is a great way to start manifesting. Here is a running list – subject to change.

List Status
Color Festival in India X
Lantern Festival in Thailand X
Water Festival in Thailand ✓ Completed April 2012
Live in Japan ✓ Completed 2007
Visit all US national parks 7/59
Have something I created go viral ✓✓✓
Isle Of Skye, Scotland X
Visit Socotra, Yemen X
Own land in Montana X
Buy an Astin Martin DB7 X Probably one of the last things to be completed


Travel Map

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