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I’m Sasha Juliard. I take pictures of people and places around the world, design websites, developing How To Work Remotely, and sell prints online. Thank you for stopping by.

Origin Story

I am Sasha Juliard, a Brooklyn based web designer and photographer. I design and build websites mainly on the WordPress platform. I have built and provided consulting to a large array of start-ups and mid-sized businesses who wanted to brand their message in the digital space. I do web design, WordPress development and search engine optimization.

Alternately, a photographer specializing in events, sports and conceptual work. Some clients include Patron, Starbucks, Naked Juice and Wanderlust. I am currently on a 4 month round-the-world trip to document and create meaningful content for GLDMNE. You might also see a few of my photos pop up on the cover of an undisclosed book (May 2015).

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